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  • Car hero

    “You can expect earnings potential of $8,000 to $15,000 per week.”

    The Harem Palace work opportunities

    “In no other brothel, escort agency or massage parlour will you earn this type of money.”

    “Beware of other websites which make false promises and avoid the disappointment of being offered far lower rates.”


    Are you interested in earning a huge income in a lucrative career with more money than you could ever imagine?

    Are you aged 18-35 years old and wear a dress size 6-12?

    Do you constantly have guys trying to chat you up?

    Is your current job getting you nowhere?

    Are you bored with your current job?

    Are you earning nowhere near enough money to get anywhere?

    Are you a single mum with a child, student, or traveller in need of fast cash?

    Do you want to set up your financial future forever?


    Earnings potential of $8,000 to $15,000 per week?

    A fully flexible roster so you can be your own boss and work whenever you want?

    Always having enough cash for brand new designer label clothes, new sports car, new business, exotic overseas holidays, or even a deposit on your new home?

    To be able to repay all your credit cards, loans, and outstanding bills?


    “You dont know what busy is until you have worked at The Harem Palace!”

    WHY US?

    “We can guarantee you earnings of between $8,000-$15,000 per week in a private, safe, and super busy world class establishment 5 min from the Central Business District, and just 5 min from the Central Business District and Crown Casino.”

    “We look after and treat all our ladies with the utmost respect and common courtesy that they deserve. We are proud to provide them with a safe, secure, and busy 6 Star modern luxury high class brothel so they can earn enough money to set up their financial future.”

    “We are totally committed and support all current workers within the industry and provide full step-by-step training and all possible assistance to brand new ladies who are just beginning.”


    “Masterfully restored and meticulously recreated.”

    • Established in July 1984 (over 39 years) with a huge wealthy clientele base which includes doctors, lawyers, judges, accountants, bankers, and celebrities and has legally operated over many decades.
    • Melbourne's leading licensed establishment (Lic number 13447BE) with a business name that has a world wide reputation as the best brothel/escort agency in Melbourne and is one of the most highly praised brothels in the world.
    • The most well-known and luxurious 6 Star modern luxury high class brothel/escort agency in Melbourne with every type of imaginable luxury included.
    • We are Melbourne's busiest brothel with a minimum of 6-8 clients per shift.
    • We are flat out and super busy with a constant flow of loyal regular and wealthy clients coming through.
    • Our website ranks page 1 on Google and many other social media platforms.
    • Large mix of high-end clientele such as international business executives, sports people, and big spenders regularly visit us and often stay for hours at a time.
    • Unlimited earning potential of between $8,000-$15,000 per week.
    • Earn more in one shift then you would in one week in any other job.
    • Highest rates in Melbourne, so don't settle for less anywhere for less at lesser places.
    • Immediate cash paid to you by the client, so you are never owed money.
    • Fully flexible hours of work, so you get to choose when you can work.
    • We provide an establishment which is immaculately hygienically cleaned and presented to maintain the standard of an overseas 6 star luxury hotel.
    • We provide high quality state of the art high quality CCTV security camera and monitors so that you are given a safe and secure environment to work in.
    • You will be able to see the client before meeting him, so there is no possible way you can be recognised by family or friends.
    • Meet clients in a private introduction room, no standing around an open lounge room / bar area having everyone look at you.
    • Totally safe and secure 6 Star brothel.
    • Very caring and friendly all-female owner and management to look after your health, safety and security at all times. Taking care and looking after you is our main priority. No one will take care you you better than us.
    • Super friendly professional work-place environment with receptionists who really care about you.
    • Best possible working conditions regarding all comfort, safety, health, security, and welfare issues.
    • We are a purpose built brothel with modern luxury surroundings for all our ladies that is rarely seen anywhere in the world. This includes reverse cycle air conditioning and heating throughout, a private ladies lounge and make up area, kitchen, huge flat screen plasma television, Foxtel, CCTV to see each client, WIFI, secure pin coded private lockers and laundry facilities to name a few.
    • All our working rooms have modern en-suites, rainfall showers, fresh water jet spas, designer toiletries, mirrors from every angle including the ceiling, stripper poles, plasma television screens with Foxtel/Netflix, multi band choices of surround sound, and a fully stocked in room bar offering complimentary drinks.
    • We provide private an ultra discreet rear entrance and exit with parking for the security and privacy of staff so no one will ever see you.
    • Private and very discreet rear entrance and exit so no one will ever see you.
    • No experience is required as step-by-step training is provided, as is guidance on grooming, styling, and dressing.
    • Lingerie, dresses, footwear, and room supplies assisted with for all new ladies to get started.
    • Perfect job for travellers, backpackers, students, single mums, housewives, unemployed, strippers, pole dancers, models, a part time second job, or anyone who has previously worked elsewhere but did not make much money.
    • Close to trams, buses, and taxis and only 5min from CBD, Crown Casino, and local shops.
    • All nationalities are most warmly welcome.
    • We can assist with airfare to Melbourne, taxi from the airport, and quality offsite individual accommodation for anyone living interstate, or too far away. This includes your own room, air conditioning, heating, fresh bed linen, bathroom, kitchen, washing machine/dryer just to name a few.
    • Immediate start with immediate cash can be arranged on the same day.
    • 100% private and discreet and a confidential interview is assured. Your identity is always kept protected from everyone.


    The Harem Palace invites all ladies over the age of 18, and wear a dress size 6-12 to consider a massive income from working in the adult industry.

    Feel secure with the knowledge that you will be working with very caring and supportive female management.

    Never worked in the industry before?... No problem at all.

    • We are renowned as the first place to commence due to our high standards, safety policies and procedures, super friendly receptionists and caring and understanding management.
    • We are the best and busiest brothel in Melbourne.
    • We are an all-female owned and managed business which is totally committed to being caring and supportive towards new ladies.
    • Taking care of new ladies is our main priority, and no one will care for you more than us.
    • We specialise in ladies who are ‘just beginning’.
    • We provide genuine care, support, and guidance with step-by-step-training.
    • We can assist you with new lingerie, dresses, footwear, and room supplies to get started.
    • We will always treat you with respect and kindness addressing all your comfort, safety, health, security, and welfare issues.
    • We will always respect your privacy, discretion, and confidentiality.
    • “No-one will look after you like we will.”

    Ladies make up area

    Ladies relaxation area


    Assist with airfare to Melbourne

    Off-site accommodation

    • Assist with airfare to Melbourne from anywhere in Australia.
    • Assist with quality off-site individual air conditioned/heated bedrooms available.


    The Harem is the best place to work if you have never worked in the adult industry before. The management and receptionists are so caring helpful and understanding. I was given all the training and assistance you could possibly imagine which helped me get started and now I own my own house as a result."
    ... Lucci

    "I really appreciate how The Harem pay my airfare to come to work then provide lovely off site accommodation for me while I stay in Melbourne. By taking out all the costs of travelling to Sydney I bring back a lot more money than if I was to pay for it myself."
    ... Chloe

    "I make more money doing one shift at The Harem than I would in 2 weeks at my other job plus I have the flexibility of being able to work whenever I feel like it."
    ... Kim

    "I can't believe that i managed to save so much money from working at The Harem that i was able to buy a brand new Mercedes Benz E series. It was a dream come true. Thank you The Harem your the best!"
    ... Diamond

    "I prefer to work at The Harem because it is the busiest brothel in Melbourne and pays the highest rates."
    ... Lily


    If you're interested or just curious about what it's like to work in a 6 Star brothel, or in the type of money you can earn at The Harem Palace, please contact us by SMS or email now and stand by for an immediate response.

    We really look forward to hearing from you to answer any questions you may have and to arrange a suitable time for you to drop in so we can show you around and most importantly make you feel extremely welcome.


    Please SMS your text message to Wendy on 0460 889 108 anytime!

    (Sorry but we might be too busy to answer your call)

    Or Email us on [email protected] or fill out the form below.