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The New Harem Palace - Story Time


MELBOURNE’S HAREM PALACE – 55 Park Street, South Melbourne

Melbourne’s Harem Palace brothel is a very popular Melbourne brothel located just 5 min from the Melbourne CBD and Crown Casino.

A work mate once mentioned it to me, so I was both curious and nervous as I had never ever been to a brothel.

I woke to a beautiful Monday morning, and while the rest of the city had gone to work, I was still in bed with the whole day off. I got out of bed and headed to my computer to check my overnight e-mails.

My work mate had forwarded me a newsletter from Melbourne’s Harem Palace brothel and before I knew it, I was dialling the number to make some enquiries. This would be the first time I had rung a brothel let alone been to one.

The phone rang twice, and a very young receptionist answered it and said, “Good morning thank you for calling Melbourne’s Harem Palace Jennifer speaking how may I help you?” At first, I was taken back by this nice friendly telephone manner and didn’t exactly know what to say. Eventually I managed to get it out. “Hello what are your prices and um…what sort of ladies do you have working there at the moment?” Jennifer gave me a complete run down on all the prices and a comprehensive description of each and every girl who was working on that shift. I sat back and momentarily closed my eyes trying to envisage the ladies from the description I was given.

By now I was into the bathroom for a shower and a shave. The next problem was what should I wear when I visit the brothel today. It’s not like I could ask my girlfriend for any advice. I could just see it now…” Babe should I wear my blue jumper or a shirt and tie when I visit the brothel today?” Nevertheless, I found it strange that I would fuss so much over what to wear but I guess I wanted to make a good impression.

With that completed, I got into my car and started the short drive to 55 Park Street South Melbourne. Before long, I was turning into the street and looking for number 55. As I looked for the number, I wondered what the front of the brothel would look like. Would it have red lights on it with large numbers to identify it. To my relief the front of the building could have looked like just an ordinary office building.

I drove past the establishment and park in a side street so that my car would not be recognised near the brothel. Now I began my walk carefully looking around to make sure no one saw me go in. Finally, I made it to the front door which had a sign “Private and discreet rear entrance.” That would be perfect as I could sneak around the back and enter the premises without anyone seeing me.

So now the moment had finally arrived, and only the rear door at Melbourne’s Harem Palace brothel separated me from having encountered my first visit at a brothel. I rang the intercom and waited a few seconds before a receptionist answered the door. I was warmly greeted almost as much to think that she was actually pleased to see me. I was asked to follow the receptionist through to a private and discreet waiting room where I was explained the prices and services which were hanging up on the wall. The receptionist was extremely friendly but had that school principal look about her so subconsciously I was on my best behaviour.

Nervously, I sat there watching Foxtel on the television as the ladies entered my private waiting room one by one. Each of the 15 ladies I met wore short mini skirt with black stay up stockings and high heels. You would think they were heading out to a night club opening up the road at the Crown Casino.

I could not help noticing how attractive and super friendly each and every one of these girls were as they sat down with me to engage in what they provide in their service and other small talk conversation. At the end of this process, the receptionist reappeared and asked me who would I like to stay with?

There were so many gorgeous ladies that I liked that it was really hard to choose just one. However, I chose Alexis. She was absolutely gorgeous. She was in her early 20’s, shoulder blonde hair, blue eyes, and very petite and busty, the type you would see out but too afraid to approach from fear of rejection.

So, I was taken back out to the reception and I booked for 1/2 hour with half being paid to the receptionist to reserve the room. I waited briefly for Alexis to return and take me upstairs. Soon enough Alexis returned and said, “Hi good looking come with me.” I didn’t need any further encouragement as I followed Alexis upstairs into an allocated nice clean looking large room. I couldn’t help but notice the extra high level of hygiene in this place. It was very impressive indeed.

I now paid the other half of the money to Alexis for the service and with the transaction complete I was asked to participate in a very quick health inspection and then take a shower. Even though I already had one shower that morning, who was I to argue with the procedure. Whist I was having my shower Alexis strips naked and shows off her smoking hot body to me. Suffice to say I finish my shower in record time and jump onto the nice big soft bed. Not knowing what to expect I just lay there as Alexis takes control and begins to a nice relaxing body to body massage. Moments later she pours baby oil on me and performs a very sexy body slide up and down my body.

By this time, I was already very aroused and when Alexis asked me to turn over, she could tell I was ready for some oral sex. Alexis was very soft and gentle and provided what is commonly known as a girlfriend experience. It didn’t long before I was ready to have sex. I asked Alexis if we could do doggie style and missionary positions as they were my favourites and I could watch the whole experience of me having sex in the mirrors. What a turn on it was watching myself having sex with this stunning blonde. Alexis was fantastic as she was so intent on making sure I enjoyed myself and was certainly definitely not going through the motions.

After the buzzer went to signal the end of the booking, I had my third shower for the day, and feeling my usual post sex remorse I wasn’t interested in any further small talk conversation. I showered and dressed quickly and was ready to leave long before Alexis had even finished re-dressing. Alexis walked me down the stairs and I stopped to stay good bye to Jennifer the receptionist on my way out.

I had a wonderful time at Melbourne’s Harem Palace brothel and totally recommend it especially if its your first time in a brothel. Next time I won’t be at all nervous as I now know what to expect from the very helpful receptionists and amazing ladies.



MELBOURNE’S HAREM PALACE – 55 Park Street, South Melbourne

My first job in the adult industry was at Melbourne’s Harem Palace brothel, and it turned out to be one of the best jobs I ever had.

The job matched my personality, and I made a lot of new friends amongst the other ladies. I took great pleasure and pride in providing sexual pleasure to all the men who would come in to pay for my service.

Not only that, but the amount of money I would make in one night was equivalent to a whole week’s work doing something else. No other job would allow me to work my own flexible hours and make well over $1000 on both Friday and Saturday nights.

I have always been a very materialistic person and the opportunity to earn this much money really appealed to me. The money would enable me to be able to afford some of those many things on my wish list.

After I finished my studies, I got a job as a hairdresser, working 40-50 hours on my feet for $750 per week after tax. I only lasted 4 weeks before I quit as I hated the job and the money was lousy. Surely, I can do better than this.

I often thought about working in a brothel but would often talk myself out of it. The fear of the unknown and the thought of having sex with a stranger would make me quite nervous. Nevertheless, I was determined to give it a go and so I decided to google ‘5 Star brothels’ and found Melbourne’s Harem Palace brothel. I then proceeded to give them a call to arrange an appointment for an interview for the following day.

As the time drew closer, I was starting to get really nervous. How do you dress for an interview at a brothel? What if I’m not suitable? What type of questions will they ask? Anyhow I showered and did my hair and put on my make up. I got dressed up really classy and called a taxi to take me there. The moment had arrived.

The taxi pulled up right in front of 55 Park street South Melbourne but from the outside it just looked like an ordinary office block apart from the signage which identified the building as Melbourne Harem Palace brothel.

I buzzed and pushed the door open to go inside. The receptionist greeted me at the door and showed me into a private waiting room for a moment. The manageress then came in to collect me and I was taken to her office for an interview.

“Did you bring any photo id with you so we can check your age.”
“Yes, I have my passport.”

“Ok great, so Jodie, have you worked in the adult industry before?”
“No sorry.”

“Oh, that’s ok, we have a lot of brand-new ladies like yourself coming through lately so what we will do is take you out the back to meet the other ladies and show you around. So, after just 5 minutes, the interview was over, and it looks like I got the job. It was that easy.

The following night I arrived for work and spent the first few minutes gossiping with some of the other ladies while I put on my make-up and brushed my hair. For the remainder of the night I was no longer Jodie. I now assumed my new alias name Violet.

I always started my shift between 7pm and 9pm at night and I would always bring my large work bag with me. Inside this bag I had my purse, house keys, crosswords to pass the time when I wasn’t booked, short sexy dresses, matching lingerie sets, high heels, make up, cosmetics, hairbrush, and perfume, just to name a few.

Once I had applied my make up and finished getting dressed, I was ready to join the other ladies meeting clients who would come in. On average I would see between 6-8 clients per night and I would work 4 shifts per week.

Whenever a client arrived at the brothel, he would usually ask to meet all the ladies in the private waiting room. This was the lady’s opportunity to win him over. I always found that good eye contact, sexy body language, and fluent communication to be very important.

After the client had met all the available ladies, the receptionist on duty would return to the private waiting room and find out whom the client wishes to see and for how long, The client would then pay the receptionist 50% and the other 50% of the payment would be placed in a small folder and given back to the client to directly pay the lady. This arrangement ensures that the lady is not an employee of the house but more so an independent contractor who pays the house for use of the room and collects payment for the service directly from the client.

I met the client and then returned to the girl’s ladies lounge which consisted of a kitchen, lockers, make up areas, sofa lounge, flat screen plasma television, and CCTV footage of the waiting rooms awaiting the result.

After the receptionist has spoken to the client, she informs that the client has chosen me and the length of time of the booking. I then return back to the waiting room to collect my client and receive a folder from him with the payment for my service.

I then take my client upstairs to my designated room. There I make a quick visual inspection of the client’s penis and surrounding areas to ensure there is no obvious sign of STI’s. Once successfully completed I tell my client to take a quick shower and I leave the room to return back downstairs to put my money away in my locker. After a few minutes I would return to the room and lower my client onto the bed whereby we would get down to pleasure.

Most clients didn’t know what they wanted, so my routine was to basically give them a very passionate girlfriend experience with lots of teasing and pleasing making use of all the mirrors so my client could be watching all the action while it’s happening. Dirty talk and moaning were a real turn on for a client and made my job much easier. Once the client came, we would just lay there cuddling and kissing. I felt so satisfied as to the pleasure I could give my clients. At the end of the booking, we would reset our rooms presenting them in a manner comparable to a five-star hotel.

I never found clients disgusting, in fact most clients are quite nice just looking for sex and companionship but mentally the job can be quite draining as no two clients are the same.

There is always a risk that a client might become dangerous, but all our clients are on CCTV from the moment they enter the premises, and there are panic buttons on either side of the bed. Once a panic button is pressed, the manageress on duty will enter your room immediately as she is able to access the room even though it’s locked from the inside.

We were told from the outset to never give our mobile phone numbers or accept rides home from clients, and I have always obeyed these rules.

The job was fun while at the same time giving me an opportunity to make a lot of money which I did.


“Spectacular in scale and uncompromising in quality”